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Funeral Home

A funeral home is a place where dead people are exposed to commemorate the departure of a loved one. The funeral home offers families a number of services to facilitate the task of the bereaved family.

The services offered by funeral homes:

- Incineration by the funeral home
- Embalming by the funeral home
- The sale of die offered by the a funeral home
- The room rental for the exhibition at a funeral home
- The service of the hearse to bring the coffin to the cemetery (Funeral Home)
- Prayer with the family of the late for the last wishes of departure (Funeral Home)

Incineration by the funeral home is to burn the body of the late before putting them in an urn. Most of the time, cremation is requested in the past Volunteer of the deceased. The funeral home that holds most of the time his own Cremation is where the body will be cremated.

The embalming is to the body of the deceased person of substance to prevent it from corrupt. Funeral homes practice embalming upon reception of the body in their own home. The embalming is a Crucial Step for people who wish to be exposed with a die open.

The sale of die is most of the time; funeral homes offer the sale of the coffin. Although he coffins of all prices, funeral homes are forced to keep for all budgets to accommodate all families in sympathy. Funeral homes are bound by the result of putting the body in the coffin and bring it to the cemetery to put underground in the family lot.

The room rental for the exhibition of the body is the main element in the funeral home. The normal duration of exposure is normally between one or two days. Visiting hours in normal funeral homes are 14: 00 pm and 19: 00 pm (Funeral Home).

Service hearse to bring the coffin to the cemetery is provided by the funeral home most of the time. The hearse is obviously associated with death and the funeral home.

Finally, the person in charge of the Funeral Home offers the last prayer to offer his latest thoughts on the deceased.